5 hairstyles to sleep and have perfect hair in the morning

It has happened to all of us that when we wake up we have to face a mane that seems to have hair syndrome that is impossible to comb, and no matter how much water, gel or products we put on, we can not mold it. And there is a very simple way to avoid this: combing your hair every night.

Actually, it is not that you have to do a great production process, but simply betting on simple hairstyles that keep your hair under control and that mold it. The secret is to complement these collected with a little modeling cream, texturizing spray or a little oil so that your hair does not get out of control in the morning.

And here we leave you five of the simplest and fastest hairstyles, which will surely leave you excellent results.

1. Bows on the Sides

If you want to have soft beach waves and join the trend of fresh hairstyles for the summer, you can simply divide your hair into two parts, and then create a small bow on each side. The most advisable thing is not to tie it very strong, to avoid that it is noticed the place where the league was. In addition, when you wake up you can simply untangle it with your fingers so that the waves do not fade, and complement it with foam to comb to give them more weight.

2. Boxer Braids

For girls who have very straight hair, or who are looking for more defined curls, then this type of braids are your best option.

In this case, the important thing is to use a little bit of conditioner in the morning or combing cream to get rid of them without getting too tangled. You can also wet a little before you disheveled so that the curves in your mane are better formed.

3. Turban

If the only thing you are looking for is to control the frizz and avoid awakening with a look worthy of a lion, then a silk scarf will be your best ally. No need to tie it or anything, just wrap your hair with the handkerchief and tie it to your neck or forehead. In this way, the fabric creates a protective barrier that avoids static.

4. Loose Braid

When your hair is already a bit broken or you want soft curls, a soft braid will help you achieve it. You can do it one way or the other, the important thing is that depending on how closely you want it you will have to press more or less each one of the segments.

In this case, you could also replace it with a pigtail divided with smaller links along the whole stretch that is loose, in the style of hairstyles of the 90s.

5. High Knot