Origami paper stars

Everybody at some time throughout his life has made some kind of figures with a piece of paper. It is what is known as origami, although in Japan it is an art and it is called Origami. Using only paper, it is possible to make really surprising figures, and best of all, it is not necessary to use scissors, glues or similar things to make simple figures. Yes, it is necessary to have a lot of patience since the figure does not always come out the first time. Here in Spain bow ties are usually the most used, although it is also possible to create paper stars with which to decorate our home.

Paper stars to decorate our houses

Although it may sound a little strange, it is becoming more and more common to create elements using the origami technique to decorate certain parts of the house. For example, at Christmas, we can come very well paper stars, which can be placed on the Christmas tree, although they are also perfect to decorate any children’s birthday party or our children’s bedroom.

If you are thinking about creating your paper stars, it is important that you take into account the colors of the papers you will use for their creation. In the case of being for Christmas decorations, we may be interested in colors of that time such as red or green. If on the contrary, we want it to hang from the ceiling in a children’s party, soft colors can be a good option. The best of all is that as they are very easy to make, we can always change them for other colors or maybe other models.

Materials to make paper stars in Origami

As we have already commented, origami uses paper as the main material, although in certain occasions, to make it appear more complex, it is possible to have to use alternative materials such as scissors, pencil, glue and in the case of wanting to hang the stars, rope or thread.

In addition to all the indicated materials, it is necessary that you count with a lot of patience and time since things will not always go well the first time. In fact, for the Japanese, it is also known as the art of patience. They practice it from a very young age since, in addition to a form of entertainment, it allows them to develop artistic and intellectual expression because unconsciously, it is necessary to apply spatial, geometric and mathematical logic

How to make Origami stars

Like everything in this life, it is possible to find a large number of different methods to create paper stars. An example is the one that you can see in the following video that we share with you.

In this video, you can learn to make step by step a five-pointed paper star with a beautiful design. Be part of a piece of paper of 20 x 20 cm and after making a series of simple folds, you get a spectacular final result. Forget about the glue that you will not need for this design.

Modular paper stars

For those people who want to go further, perhaps this modular star is what they are looking for. It is said to be modular because it will consist of six independent pieces, each of them identical to the other. For its creation, it is necessary to have prepared six squares of paper of equal size.

Best of all, once we have prepared the six pieces that will be part of this star, to join them you will not need any kind of external element. Everything will be done by inserting some folds with others. Once finished, it is perfect to decorate any part of our house.

Inflated paper stars

Another alternative that we can find is the creation of inflated paper stars. They are usually small stars that are made from a long strip of paper that after a series of simple folds, you get to give the desired shape and volume.

These stars are ideal to use to decorate gifts or as an original way to send a message to someone. For this, the message should be written before making the star. Afterward, the person to whom the message is destined will be able to discover the message as the star opens up.

Big advantages of Origami

We can highlight two important advantages within the world of origami.

  1. To practice origami, all we need is paper, a material that is very easy to obtain and that makes our home the perfect place to practice it.
  2. The forms that can be obtained are endless, which makes this art our perfect ally against boredom.

As we have said before, origami is not a sterile hobby, because it allows developing the creativity and imagination of adults and children. The latter can start with basic and simpler figures so that over time, start making more complex ones.


Tips for practicing origami

If you are thinking about starting in this world and making some of the paper stars that we have left you, it is important that you keep in mind the following tips to achieve a perfect result.

  • When making the folds, use firm and flat support. A table or desk can be a good place.
  • The folds that you have to do, that are as accurate as possible. A small deviation can ruin the final result.
  • If we are following a tutorial, you should not skip any step.
  • Each fold we make, once we are sure it is correct, it is advisable to review them with your finger, the one or any tool.
  • Use appropriate paper to carry out the figure.

Between these tips and the ideas of paper stars that we have left you, you no longer have excuses to not start decorating your home with figures made using the art of Origami.