Magic Stuffed Unicorn cake

Today I come to show you my Unicorn cake !! 
With it, I made my first fondant cake !!! 
Yes! jijiji … I worked with fondant, but for occasional and small decorations, but I had never made a cake with full coverage. 

With which … I had to make a cake adapted for this type of cake, but rather have been biscuits .. hahaha .. Since the cake has five layers and each one of a color

And is that the Unicorn cake could not be made without colors, do not you think? hahaha … 
The filling was made with a chocolate ganache. 😉

I have to admit that if the decorations I make in my cakes are entertaining and need their dedication, with this … it has been the bomb !! hahaha .. Uufff … Undoubtedly, many hours have been working, but well … I think that to be the first has not been very bad. ^ _ ^

Here I leave another little picture of the sweet table that your mom prepared and with which Chantal was amazed at his birthday party … And is that the little one has stolen the hearts of all who know her. A brave and fiery little princess day after day and with a smile full of hope and dreams. Without a doubt, the magical Unicorns could not miss their party. 🙂

May we never miss the colors to continue painting our day! ^ _ ^