Ice Cream Popsicle For Summer

In Santo Domingo these days it has been very hot which made me think that at 43 years old menopause was coming! but then I realized that everyone was desperate with the heat that I was doing, I concluded that my hormones are still under control.

It was then the perfect opportunity to make some delicious ice cream palettes as we call it here, trying different flavors and premiering my ice cream molds that I bought for Amazon (you can look for it as “popsicles molds”
If you do not have these molds you can do it in disposable plastic cups!

I used different mixtures to make ice cream. Some refreshing strawberry, natural grapes, others with yogurt and others for my children of chocolate and Nutella!

In this photo, you can see the ones made with fruits, water, sugar and vanilla (strawberries and grapes).

My water mixtures consisted of putting strawberries in the blender, with water, sugar and vanilla, all to taste. I also made one of the natural grapes with a little water (do not put much).

And the one that my children liked the most was this raspberry with a yogurt palette.

Raspberries palettes with yogurt

The raspberries have little seeds that not everyone likes to feel (my children do not like it)

So to make this ice cream first I had to beat the raspberries with a little, a little water (in my country you do not get them often I almost always find them frozen, so I first thaw them) and pass them through a sieve. There is an ink of a lovely magenta color. After this liquid, I mixed it with natural yogurt and I added a little vanilla and sugar to taste. It is a very acid fruit.
For those who are on a diet they can use yogurt without sugar, add Splenda, vanilla and fruit, there they have dietetic ice cream !!
Finally, we made some very rich chocolate and Nutella (the darkest) which due to the heat melted at the time of shooting the photo! The clearer I made them with chocolate with cream and cinnamon but they were not very firm.
These are easy. I used one of the milk that comes from chocolate (in my case I used Hershey’s) … .. something like these that I put in this photo and I mixed it with Nutella !!!! and smart!
Tips for your ice cream palette
  • Let the pallets freeze from one day to the next.
  • To introduce the wooden stick, it is best to wait until they are half frozen (about 2 hours) and insert it, this will allow you not to bend and stay straight.
  • To remove the pallets from the mold you can put the container in a high tray, with water (not hot) or put the bottom part under a stream of water (in our country the water is not cold, but rather room temperature)
  • To store the pallets, they take them out of the mold (putting the bottom part under a stream of water) and store them one on top of the other, with waxed paper in the middle.
I hope you can make your pallets and enjoy them in the summer!