The best haircuts for each type of face shape

Although we have a preference for a cut, we must take into account our features and the shape of our face to make sure that the visit to the hairdressing salon is a success

The haircut is one of the changes we can make in our image. This change is to reflect a different style, fresh and renewed. However, one of the things that few take into account is that the type of face is one of the keys for the new look is spectacular.

While some stylists know how to do their job very well. However, sometimes we make bad choices and, even if the cut is good, we can not feel satisfied.

Luckily for all, there are some simple tricks to distinguish which is the one that favors us according to the features that characterize our face.

In professional terms, it is known as visage and is a technique developed by the French Claude Juilliard. This helps us to analyze in detail the shapes and lines of the face to better adapt the style of each person.

1. Round Face Type

The round faces are characterized by having a small chin and a contour and rounded cheeks.

Because of this, a length effect will be sought through the cut to make it look thinner and longer.

  • To achieve this you can give volume at the top.
  • Shortening the sides or choosing a fringe swept to the side.
  • Do not cut at the height of the jaw because it will make it look rounder.

In the case of choosing a short style, it is best to try to lengthen the contours near the ears.

When wearing the collected hair it is always advisable to drop some strands at the sides to give it an elongated appearance.

2. Oval Face Type

It is considered as the canon of beauty because of the dimensions that characterize it. The oval face has the advantage of being adaptable to most styles.

The forehead is a little wider than the chin and, together with the jaws and cheekbones, form almost a circumference.

  • One of the keys that should be taken into account, in this case, is that the bangs.
  • It should not be too long and straight because it can shorten its length.
  • Carrying it with the middle line and a little volume is perfect. You will show a natural, minimalist and casual style.

The most daring can opt for the style “Mohawk” which is to take it very short with a sweep to the side.

3. Type of Square Face

In addition to having a square contour and jaw, this type of face is wider and reflects a feeling of hardness.

To create oval contours you can use round brushes and tweezers that, when smoothed, give a volume effect.

  • Women with long hair may choose to let loose strands or curls on their sides.
  • This will help them cover the angled area.

The recommended length is at shoulder height or a little shorter. It is not recommended that the cut ends in the jawline because it will make it look wider.

  • The most appropriate thing is to maintain an asymmetrical style, with one side longer than the other and a wide fringe.

4. Face Type Elongated

Women whose face is elongated can choose a natural look that allows them to achieve a width effect.

They are usually thin faces and without too many angles. Therefore, it can be disguised using a fringe and a cut that does not exceed the shoulders.

  • In this case, you should not keep the hair stuck to the face, because it will look thinner and longer.
  • Instead, layers, curls or waves are recommended.

Styles with long layers will decrease the length of the oval and confer volume on the sides.

If the hair is not curly a good option is the look that goes maximum at the height of the jaw, never shorter.

5. Face «Heart»

The face “heart” or “diamond” is that of a triangular shape, with a broad forehead and is tuned towards the chin.

The cut that favors him most is the one that has bangs on his side since the main objective is to hide the width of his forehead.

The long layers that start below the cheekbones and the stripe in the middle or on the side also fit well.

  • For this physiognomy, short looks that go above the maxilla should be avoided, since these will make the upper part of the face look wide.

It should be noted that, of course, these are just some of the recommendations for each face shape, because there are many types of cuts.

Try to consult with your trusted stylist which is the one that best suits your contour, forehead and chin shape.