The 10 actors who blatantly lied to get the most attractive roles of their career

They loved them so much that they invented a life.

When we see an actor in the role of their lives or one with a lot of potentials, we always think that they have to have done a wonderful performance to have obtained that role. However, we are wrong. Because many times, Hollywood stars lied to get the character they wanted, and without any shame.

1. Jessica Chastain

Chastain’s greatest mystery is still unclear: how old he is. She is said to have 30, 35 or 38. But she has stated that she does not want to say it so that they do not catalog her in certain age roles.

2. Robert Pattinson

Pattinson on his resume was lying that he had been trained at the Royal Academy of British Art and the University of Oxford. But once he got “Twilight,” he pulled those lies out of his page.

3. Whoopy Goldberg

He could not get any important roles, so his agent lied and said that Whoopy was six years younger than his real age. That’s how he started appearing in the movies.

4. Morgan Freeman

In the film Ā«OblivionĀ», Freeman would originally be the narrator. But he did not want just that, so he invented problems with his throat (difficult to be a narrator like that) and was given a secondary role.

5. Sandra Bullock

To star in “Potion of Love Number 9”, Bullock said he was 29 years old but in reality, he had only 26.

6. Rachel Mcadams

To get the role in “You’ll Love,” since she said she wanted that role, she said she loved sports and especially horseback riding. Which is false because they even give allergies.

7. Daniel Craig

He lied at all times in his resume, saying he was an expert in riding. He stated in an interview, that he thought he would learn when the time came and he did it for two weeks for “Cowboys & Aliens”.

8. Mila Kunis

The role that made Kunis famous was Jackie from “The 70’s show”. But to achieve that leading role, she lied saying that she was of legal age and lived alone. When he was 14 and lived with his parents.

9. Rebel Wilson

According to Sensacine, in an Australian publication, Wilson had declared being from Sydney and being 29 years old. Also, having contracted malaria. However, he is American, he is 35 and lived a normal life.

10. George Clooney

Clooney wanted to enter the United States Actors Guild to get better roles, so at an audition, he lied saying he had landed a role in the movie “Cat People”. However, the director of the casting was the same as for that tape and he caught his lie. In any case, he obtained a position in the organization.