Kim Kardashian turns to a medium to deal with her psoriasis problems

In the last few months, Kim Kardashian has been photographed several times wearing a bad look very unusual in her, with redness and pimples all over her face that not even the most expert make-up artist was able to disguise.

As she was responsible for explaining through Twitter, these skin problems are due to psoriasis that was diagnosed in 2011 and for which she has not yet received effective treatment.

In his desperation to deal with that chronic disease, Kanye West’s wife has decided to turn to a medical medium named Anthony William who has been recommended by countless acquaintances taking advantage of him was passing through Los Angeles.

According to his professional opinion, the inflammations and scaly plaques that cover a large part of his body and face are caused by «an excess of copper in the liver» that turns into a dermatoxin that flows to the skin, although fortunately it can be neutralized with celery juices.

«I love mediums, I’m obsessed. Everyone who knows me knows that I love connecting with the spiritual world. So if you can find out something about my psoriasis and how I can control it, I’m willing to give it a try, “she assured the reality cameras ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, which recorded the entire consultation and physical examination to which Kim submitted, which consisted of William laying his hands on the vital organs.

Although the “diagnosis” has not finished convincing the celebrity, he has promised that he will try to put aside his skepticism to try the remedy that has recommended him: “If it ends up working, it will be worth it”.