Ideas for crazy baby shower cake

His best friend is having a baby and he has been assigned the task of bringing the cake to the shower. He wants to make something nice and tasteful, but the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeither an ordinary pink or blue leaf cake bores him to tears. If this is your dilemma, try one of these ideas to create a baby shower cake your friends will have to talk for weeks. Find supply stores to find special pans and toppings to sculpt your special cake decorating cake.

Baby cradle cake

Flat versions of the traditional baby crib cake are common, but you can also create a 3-dimensional effect with relative ease. Use deep bread or oval trays to create the main part of the crib and erect a hemisphere – made of a small cake ball – vertical on one end of the Moses’ cover. Use small pieces of bread cake mini molds to make fondant leaf glaze blankets and pillows.

Stack of books baby cake

It’s a smart cake for someone who loves books — or the soon-to-be-worried mom to be the one who always seems to have a bag full of baby books to study. Bake rectangular cakes three or four small. Cut out the edges to see how closed books and ice each in a different color. Write things about the spine like “what to expect”, “New mom”, “Boy or girl?” or anything that relates to mom-to-be. Stack them one on top of the other but a little displaced so they look like a bunch of baby instructional books on a table. Superior with a pacifier or rattle of added interest.

Rosa Polka Dot Baby pasteles

Pink and brown may be a fashionable color combination for babies, but it is also a classic, vintage pairing and will probably be so popular a century. Pair that scheme with another classic fashion, polka dots, for a modern chic baby cake for girls in color. Choose round or square bowls/plates and stack them in layers, alternating fondant glaze — available at supply stores — in pink and brown adorned with large flat “polka dot”. In males, they use a blue and brown combination — also a classic. Glazing of ribbons and fondant bows make nice additional touches.

Baby shower cake

Create a cake umbrella — as seen from above — round cakes stacking one on top of another and cut out the fluted shape, umbrella. Cover with sheet fondant in your chosen color and use a pencil-sized cue to represent the top of the handle sticking through. Place small baby toy figures from a novelty store to chopsticks. Use blue icing gel to make a drop that “splashes” and one of the baby dolls stick in the center of each splash to simulate a “baby shower.”

Diaper bag cake

Pink Cake Box creates a cake in the shape of a diaper bag, sculpted from fondant icing. You can get a similar effect from stacked layers of square shape or pancakes and adding fondant leaves to form the sides of the bag and accessories. Use a real bottle as a final accessory or make one with cut out of cupcakes and fondant.