20 life hacks that will make your life easier

Today in Dime La Neta we are going to show you 23 simple tricks that you probably did not know and will make your life a lot easier. Ready?

1. Are you one of those who like to play on your cell phone but only download the free version? Play in airplane mode and thus avoid interrupting ads every 5 seconds.

2. Little space in your backpack? Use two socks to pack a T-shirt in a very small package!

3. Fold and save your shirts vertically to have more space in the drawers

4. If you are going to eat the food of the previous day, leave a space in the center so that everything gets warm even

5. Use a cup or glass to heat two bowls at the same time


6. Use the tongs on the hooks to close the chips that were left over and do not get wet:

7. Is the zipper of your favorite jeans no longer useful? With a coin and the ring of the key rings you can make it not go down:

8. Are you going to reheat the pizza from the previous day? Put together a glass with a little water to prevent it from remaining chewy:

9. Use aluminum foil to charge your AAA batteries in AA chargers:

10. Did you know that Chinese food packaging is made to become dishes?

11. Carve a walnut on the damaged parts of the wood to cover the imperfections:

12. Did you forget your iPod’s speakers? Make one quickly using the paper of the toilet paper:

14. If you do not have one of these cards at hand, simply put your iPod or SmartPhone in a red glass (empty, please!)

15. Did you buy chelas and they were not too cold or did they get hot on the way? Wrap them in a wet napkin, put them in the freezer and in 3-5 minutes they will be FREEZERS!

16. Use a clothespin to nail and do not break a finger!

17. So that your sandwich is 100% covered with cheese:

18. Wash the packaging of a bronzer that you have finished and inside keep your cell phone, money and keys when you go to the beach, to confuse the thieves (in case of the flais … ..)

19. Use a can opener to open those annoying plastic packaging!

20. Put old newspaper in the bag of your boats to avoid run-off from the filthy garbage dump: