19 food hacks to make your life in the kitchen more practical

We provide incredible tips not only for those who want to have an organized kitchen but also for those who want to cook faster and more practical.

Do the beers insist on slipping or taking up a huge amount of space in the refrigerator? A clip can solve your problem:

A wooden spoon over the pan prevents the boiling water from escaping – and also prevents THAT dirt on the stove:

Was it heat a plate in the microwave, but the food in the center was chilled? To heat your food perfectly, use this technique:

And to heat pizza and keep it from getting drunk, put a glass of water inside the microwave too:

Enjoy the bottleneck of pet bottles to store snacks and cookies/biscuits (we are impartial) to prevent them from being soft:

This tip organizes your condiments in the refrigerator, prevents their contents from holding most of the refrigerator and, from breakage, prevents them from getting to the bottom of the carton. That is, you do not need to batter the bottom of the ketchup or squeeze the packaging with all your might to take a few drops of the pot:

Cut green scent and other herbs with a pizza cutter! You do not dirty your hands and cut faster:

Cupcake hacked – do not mess your nose to eat!

Do not have enough space on your desk? Improvise with a drawer and a board:

Never. Never. Never waste Nutella. Enjoy the leftovers from the pot with ice cream!

Always dirty your cookbooks? Use a hanger with ‘catchers’:

Is your microwave small? Optimize space and save electricity with this tip:

Do you hate admitting your weakness and asking for help when opening pots? This trick is for you:

Gele the faster beer by wrapping the bottle in a wet paper towel – take to the freezer after:

To get rid of the pirouettes, open only one (small!) Piece of the popcorn package and turn the packaging upside down. With light tapping, only the corns that did not burst must fall:

Prevent pizza cheese from draining to one side in the car – place a pet bottle in the passenger seat under the packages:

Use newspaper sheets on the bottom of trash cans for easy cleaning:

Make sure your sandwich is stuffed everywhere with this trick:

Did you forget to put the wine (or another drink) in the refrigerator? Always have grapes frozen – they fulfill the role of ice, with the advantage of not melting and making the drink watery: