DIY Project: Vertical Garden

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about spring are flowers, good weather, sunny hours on a terrace … Terrace? Already have it ready for the new season? If you still do not have your terrace in conditions, take note of this project. Today we present a DIY that will help you to give life either to your terrace or balcony.
The materials that we will need to make this craft are:

  • A Pallet
  • Sandpaper
  • Varnish
  • Paintings of the colors that you prefer
  • Brushes
  • Plants in small pots (not very deep root)


1. We prepare the pallet with the sandpaper.

We take the sandpaper and we pass it all over the surface of the pallet to remove possible splinters, nails or damages that may have. In this way, we will have a smooth surface with which we can work with peace of mind and ready to apply any type of product.

2. Ready to put color!

It is the turn of the painting, we take the paintings we have chosen and paint each of the planks of the pallet. To make sure it looks good, we will make two coats of paint and even if you see it necessary, three, because the wood can absorb a bit of the color of the paint. We will let the paint dry the longer the better.

3. We apply the varnish

When we see that the paint is completely dry, we will prepare a layer or two of varnish. Do it all over the surface, for the planks you have decided to paint and also for those you have decided to leave the natural. With the varnish we will achieve that the wood is more resistant and that the painting is sealed, therefore our project will be prepared to be in any place, whether inside or outside.

4. Time to decorate!

Once the varnish is dry, we take the pallet and place it in the place we have decided, or in a corner of the balcony, on the terrace, it can even look good in the hall … in a place that looks very nice. We place it vertically with the part of the legs (the bottom part) facing towards us. The planks that make up the legs is what the shelf function will do to place the small pots. So finally, we put the flowers we have chosen on the shelves of the pallet and we will have a small vertical garden.