DIY Project Congratulations Dad!

Your big day is approaching, no matter how old you are or what role you occupy in the family, whether a woman or child, a father is a father and this does not change. That’s why apart from congratulating all those great heroes, we want, even in a very small way, to be part of your happy day.
We present a simple DIY that we are sure will make a good smile to that person we love so much. We found it in the All Parenting blog. It is a DIY very easy to prepare, even in a single afternoon. So get to work!

Materials that you will need to make the memory cube:

-A 4-inch wooden bucket
-5 square photos of 4 inches
-Daily paper


To start, take the newspaper and spread it on the surface where you will work, thus avoiding the possibility of damaging the furniture.

Now yes, take the four-inch wooden cube and paint the color you prefer on all faces. Paint them with a layer with plenty of paint and let it dry for a couple of hours.


Now choose five photos, the ones you prefer or the ones you know will enchant your father. We recommend that they be photos of different stages or different moments, so with a small cube, you can remember in a second those special moments. Cut the images of the same size of the faces of the cube, look carefully so that they are not cut.


When you see that the painting is completely dry happens to paste the photos in the bucket. With care and with a tail, you will stick the different photographs in the cube. We recommend doing it by parts and by faces, in this way the photos will dry well and you can even work better. Pay attention when pasting the photos of not staining those that are already stuck. When you have all the faces with the photos stuck, let the bucket dry for a while.


Once the bucket with the photos is dry, take the varnish can and paint the entire bucket. Once again, we recommend doing it as we have said before, by faces. Brush two faces and let them dry, and so on consecutively. When you have them all varnished, let the whole bucket dry one night.


It’s time to see how your little detail has been! Make sure it is dry and see if all the faces have been well varnished if not, you can make some more layers where you think is necessary. The varnish will give shine to the cube, and also make it much more resistant and last longer. You already have the dry and shiny bucket by itself! But there is one more step and you will have the most complete gift.


Finally, take a paper and a pencil, and write a dedication for the gift. This accompanies it with: “Congratulations Dad”, or whatever you think is convenient. And now, you have the bucket of memories ready to give to a good daddy.