DIY makes your own fragrances for your home

Do you like that your house smells good? The aroma of your home can influence your mood and at the same time can transmit sensations and emotions. To create a positive atmosphere and aroma, today we propose a DIY project that you can make this holiday at home and create your own fragrance for the home.

Some ideas to make your fragrances

You can use citrus fruits like lemon and orange are very refreshing, herbs such as rosemary or thyme, pine or cedar branches, vanilla, almond or mint extracts and powdered spices or others such as cinnamon or cloves.

Some ideas and combinations that will be great

  • Oranges, cinnamon, and cloves with a little cinnamon. A very pleasant aroma for spaces like the living room or the bedroom because of its sweet smell.
  • Rosemary lemon and vanilla extract. Very fresh, ideal for use in the kitchen after cooking and cleaning to purify and eliminate odors.
  • Extract of lime, mint, and vanilla. Another very cool combination to refresh spaces where we want to give a refreshing air.
  • Branches of pine or cedar, bay leaves, and nutmeg. A more sophisticated aroma for more open spaces that


Heat the branches, spices, and essences slowly in a small pot. Add water as it evaporates.

When it has been a while and you see that the water begins to have color, remove the pot from the fire and place the mixture in a container that maintains the heat, a bowl of fondue can serve. This step is important because the longer the hot water of the mixture is kept with all the ingredients the more odor the fragrance will release. If you see that the hot water evaporates, add a little hotter water.

Place the mixture in glass jars that can be closed, this will keep the aroma much better.

Mode of use

The method is very simple, as long as you want your house to smell good, then you just have to put the mixture of the pot in a container with a candle heater that will turn on the water and release the aroma of all the elements. Between uses, place the mixture in the glass container and fan it.

The mixture can be reused 2 to 3 times after the mixture has been heated several times the components lose color and smell. Before using it, open the jar and smell the mixture, if it still smells good,