The gradual exercise, fundamental to avoid injuries

The good weather is approaching, the temperature rises, there are more hours of sun and all this makes the motivation to practice sport grow considerably. But going from 0 to 100 in sports matters is not the option. It is best to practice gradually and progressively, we will notice better results and avoid injuries.

Although it is undoubted that the practice of moderate sport is very beneficial for health, it is fundamental to take it to an appropriate level. Drinking liquids and avoiding hot hours are usually recommended at this time of year. But it is also very important to take care of the intensity and frequency of the exercise so that it does not turn against us.

While lack of exercise is harmful to our body, excess or inappropriate postures are also. For Beatriz Santamaría, chiropractor and physiotherapist, “a common mistake is to” force “to get immediate results or lose weight in record time because summer is approaching.” And this is a mistake that can have serious consequences.

Especially if we have spent a little active winter, we can not expect our body to perform at full capacity now. We can not, nor should we. The gradual exercise accustoms the body better to changes, produces better results and above all avoids injuries. In contrast, excessive and poorly focused training will lead to muscle overload, joint damage and frequent back pain. “According to Beatriz Santamaría,” an intensive and uncontrolled program without rest periods can even lead to fibrillar tears or muscle tears, excess of free radicals, alteration of the cardiac rhythm and chronic fatigue “.

To prevent injuries and overload the expert offers a series of basic tips:

• Perform warm-up and stretching exercises, before and after the exercise.

• Drink liquid before, during and after.

• Always try to finish “whole”, it is about enjoying the sport, not about suffering. Stop physical activity by feeling symptoms of exhaustion.

• Use the most appropriate and comfortable footwear and clothing for the type of sport.

• Collate days of rest and as much as possible practice different sports (running, swimming, cycling, etc.) to work for different muscle groups and not overload the same area of ​​the body.

If back pain appears, ” it is best to stop physical activity for a few days,” especially in people prone to back pain. In these cases, it is recommended to ” go before a specialist and perform exercises to strengthen the abdominal and lumbar area and stretching to increase the flexibility of the body. “Yoga, Tai Chi, and Pilates are recommended exercises for these people.