Hello everybody!

How are you? Sorry for the delay this month. I had a lot of chaos and movement at home, but luckily the house is beautiful and we are enjoying it a lot.

As I told you at some point, my oldest son is a fan of reading. Read a lot, and therefore, his room is a cemetery of books. On all sides! It’s been a while since we’ve been asking for another library. So I decided to put to work and build one with my own hands and, in passing, save me a few euros!

This is a fun and relatively easy project to do. If you never used a drill, I suggest you debug with this tool that is so easy to use. If they do not dare, surely there is a man nearby, ready to give them a hand, although I promise they do not need it.

In my case, I used virgin wood, because Agustín’s room already has a lot of color in the other furniture. But if you want to make it a particular color, you only have to give it one or two hands of paint.

They do not know what a nice moment it was when Agus entered his room and found his favorite book collection on the new bookshelf. “Mom, you’re a genius, you know how to do everything,” were his words. Needless to say, I thought I was the best mom in the world!

Now I have my middle daughter asking for one for her room. As a foresighted mother that I am, I bought four wooden planks so these days the second hanging rack comes out.

I tell them what they need and how to achieve this project.


  • Drill
  • Sword drill bit for 12 mm drill
  • Two wooden boards (I used pine, measures: 25 cm x 1 m.)
  • 5 mt of 10 mm polyamide rope
  • Subway


  • Copper caps to decorate
  • Wood painting
  • level

Step by Step

  • If you want the painted shelves, sand the surface and paint with acrylic paint. Allow to dry and, if necessary, apply a second coat. They can varnish it if they think it necessary.
  • Measure and mark the holes. On each of the shelves, measure four centimeters from each corner and mark with a pencil.
  • With the punch, make the holes. I used a drill two millimeters wider than the rope.
  • Cut the rope in two equal parts. One will be for the back of the shelves and the other will be for the front.
  • Pass a rope through the left rear end of the shelf below and another through the left front end of the same shelf. Make a knot and repeat with the second shelf. Leave enough space above and start lowering. In the end, both ends of the rope have to be below the bottom shelf.

The “complicated” is to get the shelves are right and the four knots at the same height. It is a bit of trial and error until they achieve it. It is convenient that the front knots are half a centimeter higher so that the shelf is right.

To make sure that there are rights, the idea is to hang the shelf and then start to “play” with the knots. If they have a level, use it to verify that the inclination is appropriate.

I hope you are encouraged to do this project! To feel the satisfaction of what is done by hand and why not? to save a few pesos.